The Sporting Feast

2022 - That's A Wrap

November 25, 2022 Scobes and Kingy Season 3 Episode 54
The Sporting Feast
2022 - That's A Wrap
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In the final episode of 2022, Matt Zannes joins Scobes and Kingy in the studio to preview Australia's clash with Tunisia in Qatar. Moving to the NFL, we look at week 12 as the Bengals travel to Nashville to take on the inform Tennessee Titans. And finally, the boys discuss their favourite moments from another fun filled and exciting year of The Sporting Feast.

Thank you for listening and thank you to all those who have supported us over our 160 odd episodes. We will be back bigger and better in February 2023.

#Stay Hungry

00:05:34 - In case you missed it
00:15:31 - NFL
00:30:36 - World Cup
00:43:35 - Take it To The Bank
00:48:41 - 2022 Host Highlights

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In case you missed it
(Cont.) NFL
Qatar World Cup
Take it To The Bank
2022 Host Highlights