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Quarterback Questions!

November 18, 2022 Scobes and Kingy Season 3 Episode 53
The Sporting Feast
Quarterback Questions!
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As the NFL season heats up, Scobes and Kingy preview a big NFC clash between the Cowboys and the Vikings. With both sides in contention, the boys debate if Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins have what it takes to lead their teams to a Superbowl.

The action doesn't stop there as we also take a look at the Rugby League World Cup final between Australia and Samoa. Do Samoa have what it takes to cause a massive upset over in England?

And finally, roving reporter and guest Trent Beilken joins the show to discuss the final F1 race for the season and the Wallabies Spring tour issues.

Stay Hungry!

00:09:49 - F1 with Trent Beilken
00:20:42 - Wallabies with Trent Beilken
00:29:32 - Rugby League World Cup
00:33:40 - NFL
00:46:23 - Take it To The Bank

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F1 with Trent Beilken
Wallabies with Trent Beilken
Rugby League World Cup
Take it To The Bank